About Us

We’re just a few people who don’t like BIG,Unconstitutional federal government actions. So we decided to get together and attempt to effect change in Florida.

We are moved to do this because leaving things the way they are will only make things worse.

We like to keep things simple, so we’ll run informative articles on the proper relationship between the state and federal governments. We’ll also attempt to keep you informed of the goings on of our Florida government.

As needed in our opinion, we’ll also run petitions and offer legislation we would like to see pursued in the next legislative session. This takes readership and numbers. So if you have a friend who feels the way we do and you do, tell them to LIKE us on Face Book and follow along.

Most of  our communications is through this site and Face Book. Please tell your friends to LIKE us there.

We will try for daily enlightenment or inciting to riot.

Oh yeah, we don’t take donations but we sell some pretty cool online marketing stuff. We save that for our emails mostly so don’t forget to opt in. You can always unsubscribe if you think our emails suck.