Virtue Signaling with Rick Scott, Adam Putnam and Richard Corcoran

Add Rick Scott to the list of Florida republicans virtue signaling for Roy Moore to step aside. He joins Adam Putnam and Richard Corcoran who are also revealing their social justice vigilante side by calling for Moore to step aside. Corcoran who is likely to become a candidate for governor after the 2018 Florida legislative session called for Florida state senator Jack Latvala to resign as well over sexual harassment charges leveled at him.

Neither Latvala or Moore has been afforded due process to determine guilt or innocence. Despise them or like them, they are both entitled to more than a trial in the court of public opinion. It should trouble Florida voters we have the next potential federal senator and governor all supporting a determination of guilt without the benefit of trial. Yes, the accusations against Roy Moore and Latvala are extremely serious. Accusations however are not facts until proven. In neither case do we have a stained blue dress, a breast grabbing photograph or a texted Weiner to seal the deal.



It might be well for Florida politicians to resist climbing on the pile up on Roy Moore bandwagon. There are more than enough problems here at home to be dealt with before heading north to Alabama to comment on theirs.

During the 2017 session we had republican state senator Frank Artiles forced to resign over apparently booze fueled, racially charged comments he made to a black female colleague in the senate. Just a few weeks ago, Jeff Clemens, another south Florida senator on the democrat side resigned over his affair with a young female lobbyist. Also, just a few weeks ago State Rep. Daisy Baez resigned her Florida House seat Wednesday ahead of pleading guilty to perjury in a criminal case over her legal residency. To make matters worse  she will pay only a $1000 fine, serve a one-year probation during which she will not be able to seek public office, and in a crushing blow, she will be required to take an ethics course. Former state Rep. Erik Fresen was sentenced in September to 60 days for failing to file a tax return for more than $270,000 by a federal judge. Ironically, Fresen headed up the republican House budget committee charged with fiscal responsibility while ignoring his own responsibilities.

A recent Tampa Bay Times interview with insiders from both parties concerning what they called “bedroom bingo” was quite revealing.


Democrat: “Republicans are giving us their best Casablanca Captain Renault impression: I’m shocked, shocked to find that sexual impropriety is going on in Tallahassee! Give me a break, most of them have been playing bedroom bingo for years, and it’s not just the men! I’d say it was a dirty little secret, it was dirty, but it isn’t a secret. They leave their spouses behind, travel to Tallahassee, where they are wined, dined and bedded. Every time I leave Tallahassee I feel like I need a shower.

Republican: “In more than 20 years, I’ve never seen the legislature (specifically the Senate) so distracted and on edge. Seems like many of them are terrified by what may come out next and just praying their own skeletons stay securely locked in the closet.

We don’t claim to know the hearts of Roy Moore or Jack Latvala. We are not fans of Jack Latvala and find him to be a giant holier than thou power tripper who advances crony politics at its worst. But let the investigative chips fall where they may whether it’s a public confession or a determination by twelve of their fellow citizens.

Truly, Florida politicians should be practicing a strict code of silence when it comes to Roy Moore. There is plenty of nefarious, disgusting, revolting and immoral behavior going on in Tallahassee to keep them all occupied at either exposing the creeps, crooks and lechers in government; or covering their own trails so as not to be found out.


I Need You To Work For Me For Zero Wages…..or else!

Hear me out. This is really a great offer.

First, it’s only a part time position. So it’s not like I need you there forty hours weekly. I know you have work somewhere else for pay, so I am willing to put up with you on a part time basis.  You should know that I will make money from your work. You will not get a penny of it.  At some point, I might allow you to have a small amount of the money I keep for which your worked. But I will need to think about that, and IF I do, I may have to find an alternative to have you pay me for this allowance I am making to you.

This is the core of federal tax reform discussions. It is called reform because the word is meant to infer a kinder, gentler confiscation of your income.

Of course, this is NOT “reform.” This is theater. Your congressman knows it. He or she is counting on you not to know it. Even the so-called House “Liberty Caucus” plays along. As ridiculous as my part time work offer is, it’s exactly the scam perpetrated by the federal income tax act.

Why is everyone content to be saddled with a huge mistake made by a previous generation in 1913? We have been snookered and assaulted for 104 years by the “income tax code” and its terrorist collection agency, the IRS. Where is the outcry? Millions of Americans have lost their collective minds over grown men who play children’s games not standing for an anthem,yet do nothing to free themselves from bondage.

You do realize that an income tax would be anathema to the founders in the 18th century, and that we are in effect, ALL OF US, yoked into fractional slavery?

Yes, that’s right, fractional slavery. How many days do you work just to stay out of federal prison? Would you work that many days and give those wages to me? Of course not! I didn’t work for it, you did. Your congressman and his pals aren’t working for it either. The millions of workers who feed off of Leviathan’s teat aren’t really working for it either. They’re parasites in agencies created with no constitutional authority.

Congress screws up every damn thing they touch from idiotic foreign policy that kills and maims our young people just to appease government psychopaths who want to run the world; to buying votes buying votes for any one of the social justice victim caucuses in the House. You do without so they can do what they want.

Imagine if I came to your house on payday and said, “Here is the amount of your money I am going to allow you to keep.” You’d throw my ass out right after breaking a chair over my head, and rightly so.

It’s no different with this “reform” talk. The psychopaths are simply discussing how much of what you broke your ass for (not them) they will allow you to keep. In effect, to what degree you will be maintained as a fractional slave.

“Oh, but I get some back at the end of the year!” BS. You gave these jamokes an interest free loan for their extortion!

Look, you don’t PAY taxes. They TAKE taxes. Its’ extortion. It’s taken at gunpoint.

It isn’t the price we pay to live in a civilized society. If we wanted to pay the price to live in a civilized society we would all be loving our fellow man as we love ourselves and would not need government at all.

Don’t be fooled by the reform nonsense. The only real reform isn’t a flat tax or the fair tax. It’s no tax. You want an economic boom for all Americans? Repeal the 16th Amendment that a previous generation was stupid enough to pass. It’s long past overdue.

The Florida Legislature, with its currently strong anti-tax position, should be leading the states in the movement to repeal the 16th Amendment. They won’t take that stance until we do and force them into it. After all, they are no less enslaved then the rest of us.

No One Needs a Fifty Round Swimming Pool to Hunt In Florida

“Florida leads the country in drowning deaths of children ages 1-4 years. Annually in Florida, enough children to fill three to four preschool classrooms drown before their fifth birthday.

In 2013, Florida had the highest unintentional drowning rate in the nation for children ages 1–4 years with a drowning rate of 7.54 per 100,000 population. Florida had the second highest drowning rate in the nation for children ages 1–14 years with a drowning rate of 2.54 per 100,000 population. Oklahoma was first for this age group with a rate of 2.69 p

er 100,000 population, and Mississippi third for this age group with a rate of 1.91 per 100,000 population.” -Florida Department of Health

In a state with world famous beaches, lakes, and ponds and rivers abounding in every county, do we really need to allow people to have swimming pools on their own property? Clearly, it’s a dangerous undertaking and one that should be more closely regulated by the authorities.

Missing in action on this issue are those same people who tell us we don’t need fifty round magazines or semi -automatic rifles to hunt deer; all handguns are best left in the hands of the police and should otherwise be banned; and responsible gun owners with nothing to hide should not fear registration. They aren’t out to remove our God  given rights, they only want to add a touch of common sense to them.

Not a word from them advocating the banning of swimming pools in Florida.

In the 2018 Florida legislative session, HB 219 has been filed. This bill “Prohibits sale, transfers, or possession of assault weapon or large-capacity ammunition magazines.” Not one sponsor or co- sponsor of this bill in the House or its companion bill in the has ever submitted a bill banning homeowner swimming pools. Why is that?

Because it would be branded as ridiculous. But what about the children you ask. Parental responsibility and private property they would answer, knowing full well the pushback from realtors, developers and the swimming pool industry would bury them in ridicule and opponent campaign donations. Demonize an inanimate object? Why, swimming pools are part of the Florida culture!

Parental responsibility for safety, private property rights, the ridiculousness of demonizing inanimate objects, part of the Florida culture. Good reasons for anti-liberty communists in our state to be as silent about firearms as they are about the danger of swimming pools. As far as we know now, this bill has drowned in silence. Good. Do not resuscitate

The New York Times calls for more gun control after Texas killings

That didn’t take long at all.  The NYT lays the blame for yesterday’s killings at the feet of the Republicans. It is, says the Times, their fault for blocking efforts to pass ” sensible, useful gun control.” We guess the Times means like they have in Chicago.

Sensible, useful gun control are code words, or as the Left is fond of calling any not politically correct word, a “dog whistle.” Not mentioned in this article which is mostly a list of shootings with the amount of days since they occurred, is the Times goal of  an end to firearms ownership in America, period.

There is no federal legislation answer to mass murder. There can only be legislation to ban the manufacture,distribution,purchase and ownership of certain tools, firearms among these, which can be used for murder. This is what the Times and liberals in America want to achieve.  Since all federal laws infringing on the right to keep and bear arms are illegal, including those already on the books such as the National Firearms Act, the requirement for an FFL and NICS background checks, it isn’t sufficient to allow any more “laws” of infringement to be passed that have compromises approved by the GOP and NRA establishment.

All future federal “gun laws” must be opposed in total. Current ones must be repealed. Our already eroding liberties must not be allowed to fall victim to the despicable, murderous behaviors of psychopaths at large in the public.

Liberty has already suffered enough at the hands of the psychopaths in Washington.

Your Calls Make A Difference

By Alex Snitker as published at Liberty First Network

Every bill that is filed in Tallahassee will be referred to 2-4 committees so that the bill will be thoroughly vetted before a final floor vote. The Liberty First Network sends you an alert to call the members of the committee and ask them to support or oppose the bill when the bill is scheduled to be heard in the next committee hearing.

When you make the calls to legislative offices to let the members of the committee know where you stand on the bill, you will probably be speaking to the legislator’s staff. Many people ask if their call really matters, especially when only speaking to office staff.

It is important to remember legislators rely on their staff to research the bill, provide data and make recommendations. Legislative staff have tremendous influence on how their boss will vote. Legislative staff will keep a log of how many callers support or oppose a bill.

It is also important to remember that legislative staff work very hard, they have excessive workloads and inadequate amount of time, so we need to be concise, there is not enough time to explain detailed information about the bill. The “alert” calls are just to let a legislator know how many people support or oppose a bill. In Tallahassee everything is done by the bill number. The legislator may or may not know much about the topic, but they will remember large amounts of people telling them how to vote on the bill number when it does get heard in the committee meeting.

Important reminders when calling:

  • Be Polite
  • Be clear that you are either supporting or opposing the bill
  • Mention legislation by the bill number
  • Mention the name of the committee the bill is scheduled in to be heard
  • Be clear, concise & STAY ON TOPIC
  • Simply give one sentence on why you want the legislator to support or oppose a bill

Also, please remember that your phone calls are making a difference, we are advancing many pro-liberty pieces of legislation because the legislators are hearing from you. Early in the legislative process, we already have had 5 bills that we support pass a committee hearing, including HB 80 Direct Primary Care bill passing through two committee stops. Keep up the great work!

Be sure to check out our “Legislative Ticker” on our web site. We provide up-to-date list of bills, bill sponsors, committee assignments, and explanation of the bill. We also will let you know whether we support or oppose each bill and how to take-action on each one of them.


In Liberty

Alexander Snitker
Liberty First Network



What to expect in November for the 2018 Legislative Session- From Liberty First Network

There will be two “interim committee weeks” in November, the week of November 6th and the week of November 13th. Interim Committee weeks are held in advance of the 60-day regular session beginning on January 9th, 2018. The November Interim Committee weeks will continue the legislative work of hearing bills, adding amendments and if reported favorably, moving the bill to the next committee of reference. There have been over 650 bills filed so far for the 2018 session.

Also, November legislative committee weeks will continue the work of preparing the next fiscal year budget for 2018-19. September began the first step in creating the state budget with the Long Range Financial Outlook. As we reported last month, the Long Range Financial Outlook showed leaner times for the next few years, especially with the money that will be needed to be allocated for the extensive damage by Hurricane Irma. Education and Medicaid are two of the biggest cost drivers in the budget. With more students moving to Florida every-day and the continual increase in those on Medicaid, will put more stress on balancing the budget. Education and Medicaid make up 60% of the budget.

In November, Florida’s state agencies will continue to submit a detailed list of their budget needs to the various Appropriation Committees and Governor Scott has begun to announce some of his budget proposals.  As required by law, the Governor must present his complete budget proposal thirty days prior to the start of the Legislative Session on January 9th, 2018.

The debate over purchasing environmental “conservation land” will heat up in November. Close to 1/3 of Florida is already held in conservation. Environmental groups are pushing for the legislature to buy more land for conservation, but, with a tight budget, we question if buying more land is needed now.

With just three committee weeks left before the end of the year, it is critical that we push our bills through each committee stop as soon as possible. If a bill has 3 or committee referrals at the beginning of session, it becomes unlikely to pass.  Be sure to check out our “Legislative Ticker” on our web site. We provide up-to-date list of bills, bill sponsors, committee assignments, and explanation of the bill. We also will let you know whether we support or oppose each bill and how to take-action on each one of them.