Your Calls Make A Difference

By Alex Snitker as published at Liberty First Network

Every bill that is filed in Tallahassee will be referred to 2-4 committees so that the bill will be thoroughly vetted before a final floor vote. The Liberty First Network sends you an alert to call the members of the committee and ask them to support or oppose the bill when the bill is scheduled to be heard in the next committee hearing.

When you make the calls to legislative offices to let the members of the committee know where you stand on the bill, you will probably be speaking to the legislator’s staff. Many people ask if their call really matters, especially when only speaking to office staff.

It is important to remember legislators rely on their staff to research the bill, provide data and make recommendations. Legislative staff have tremendous influence on how their boss will vote. Legislative staff will keep a log of how many callers support or oppose a bill.

It is also important to remember that legislative staff work very hard, they have excessive workloads and inadequate amount of time, so we need to be concise, there is not enough time to explain detailed information about the bill. The “alert” calls are just to let a legislator know how many people support or oppose a bill. In Tallahassee everything is done by the bill number. The legislator may or may not know much about the topic, but they will remember large amounts of people telling them how to vote on the bill number when it does get heard in the committee meeting.

Important reminders when calling:

  • Be Polite
  • Be clear that you are either supporting or opposing the bill
  • Mention legislation by the bill number
  • Mention the name of the committee the bill is scheduled in to be heard
  • Be clear, concise & STAY ON TOPIC
  • Simply give one sentence on why you want the legislator to support or oppose a bill

Also, please remember that your phone calls are making a difference, we are advancing many pro-liberty pieces of legislation because the legislators are hearing from you. Early in the legislative process, we already have had 5 bills that we support pass a committee hearing, including HB 80 Direct Primary Care bill passing through two committee stops. Keep up the great work!

Be sure to check out our “Legislative Ticker” on our web site. We provide up-to-date list of bills, bill sponsors, committee assignments, and explanation of the bill. We also will let you know whether we support or oppose each bill and how to take-action on each one of them.


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