The New York Times calls for more gun control after Texas killings

That didn’t take long at all.  The NYT lays the blame for yesterday’s killings at the feet of the Republicans. It is, says the Times, their fault for blocking efforts to pass ” sensible, useful gun control.” We guess the Times means like they have in Chicago.

Sensible, useful gun control are code words, or as the Left is fond of calling any not politically correct word, a “dog whistle.” Not mentioned in this article which is mostly a list of shootings with the amount of days since they occurred, is the Times goal of  an end to firearms ownership in America, period.

There is no federal legislation answer to mass murder. There can only be legislation to ban the manufacture,distribution,purchase and ownership of certain tools, firearms among these, which can be used for murder. This is what the Times and liberals in America want to achieve.  Since all federal laws infringing on the right to keep and bear arms are illegal, including those already on the books such as the National Firearms Act, the requirement for an FFL and NICS background checks, it isn’t sufficient to allow any more “laws” of infringement to be passed that have compromises approved by the GOP and NRA establishment.

All future federal “gun laws” must be opposed in total. Current ones must be repealed. Our already eroding liberties must not be allowed to fall victim to the despicable, murderous behaviors of psychopaths at large in the public.

Liberty has already suffered enough at the hands of the psychopaths in Washington.

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