Virtue Signaling with Rick Scott, Adam Putnam and Richard Corcoran

Add Rick Scott to the list of Florida republicans virtue signaling for Roy Moore to step aside. He joins Adam Putnam and Richard Corcoran who are also revealing their social justice vigilante side by calling for Moore to step aside. Corcoran who is likely to become a candidate for governor after the 2018 Florida legislative session called for Florida state senator Jack Latvala to resign as well over sexual harassment charges leveled at him.

Neither Latvala or Moore has been afforded due process to determine guilt or innocence. Despise them or like them, they are both entitled to more than a trial in the court of public opinion. It should trouble Florida voters we have the next potential federal senator and governor all supporting a determination of guilt without the benefit of trial. Yes, the accusations against Roy Moore and Latvala are extremely serious. Accusations however are not facts until proven. In neither case do we have a stained blue dress, a breast grabbing photograph or a texted Weiner to seal the deal.



It might be well for Florida politicians to resist climbing on the pile up on Roy Moore bandwagon. There are more than enough problems here at home to be dealt with before heading north to Alabama to comment on theirs.

During the 2017 session we had republican state senator Frank Artiles forced to resign over apparently booze fueled, racially charged comments he made to a black female colleague in the senate. Just a few weeks ago, Jeff Clemens, another south Florida senator on the democrat side resigned over his affair with a young female lobbyist. Also, just a few weeks ago State Rep. Daisy Baez resigned her Florida House seat Wednesday ahead of pleading guilty to perjury in a criminal case over her legal residency. To make matters worse  she will pay only a $1000 fine, serve a one-year probation during which she will not be able to seek public office, and in a crushing blow, she will be required to take an ethics course. Former state Rep. Erik Fresen was sentenced in September to 60 days for failing to file a tax return for more than $270,000 by a federal judge. Ironically, Fresen headed up the republican House budget committee charged with fiscal responsibility while ignoring his own responsibilities.

A recent Tampa Bay Times interview with insiders from both parties concerning what they called “bedroom bingo” was quite revealing.


Democrat: “Republicans are giving us their best Casablanca Captain Renault impression: I’m shocked, shocked to find that sexual impropriety is going on in Tallahassee! Give me a break, most of them have been playing bedroom bingo for years, and it’s not just the men! I’d say it was a dirty little secret, it was dirty, but it isn’t a secret. They leave their spouses behind, travel to Tallahassee, where they are wined, dined and bedded. Every time I leave Tallahassee I feel like I need a shower.

Republican: “In more than 20 years, I’ve never seen the legislature (specifically the Senate) so distracted and on edge. Seems like many of them are terrified by what may come out next and just praying their own skeletons stay securely locked in the closet.

We don’t claim to know the hearts of Roy Moore or Jack Latvala. We are not fans of Jack Latvala and find him to be a giant holier than thou power tripper who advances crony politics at its worst. But let the investigative chips fall where they may whether it’s a public confession or a determination by twelve of their fellow citizens.

Truly, Florida politicians should be practicing a strict code of silence when it comes to Roy Moore. There is plenty of nefarious, disgusting, revolting and immoral behavior going on in Tallahassee to keep them all occupied at either exposing the creeps, crooks and lechers in government; or covering their own trails so as not to be found out.


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