No One Needs a Fifty Round Swimming Pool to Hunt In Florida

“Florida leads the country in drowning deaths of children ages 1-4 years. Annually in Florida, enough children to fill three to four preschool classrooms drown before their fifth birthday.

In 2013, Florida had the highest unintentional drowning rate in the nation for children ages 1–4 years with a drowning rate of 7.54 per 100,000 population. Florida had the second highest drowning rate in the nation for children ages 1–14 years with a drowning rate of 2.54 per 100,000 population. Oklahoma was first for this age group with a rate of 2.69 p

er 100,000 population, and Mississippi third for this age group with a rate of 1.91 per 100,000 population.” -Florida Department of Health

In a state with world famous beaches, lakes, and ponds and rivers abounding in every county, do we really need to allow people to have swimming pools on their own property? Clearly, it’s a dangerous undertaking and one that should be more closely regulated by the authorities.

Missing in action on this issue are those same people who tell us we don’t need fifty round magazines or semi -automatic rifles to hunt deer; all handguns are best left in the hands of the police and should otherwise be banned; and responsible gun owners with nothing to hide should not fear registration. They aren’t out to remove our God  given rights, they only want to add a touch of common sense to them.

Not a word from them advocating the banning of swimming pools in Florida.

In the 2018 Florida legislative session, HB 219 has been filed. This bill “Prohibits sale, transfers, or possession of assault weapon or large-capacity ammunition magazines.” Not one sponsor or co- sponsor of this bill in the House or its companion bill in the has ever submitted a bill banning homeowner swimming pools. Why is that?

Because it would be branded as ridiculous. But what about the children you ask. Parental responsibility and private property they would answer, knowing full well the pushback from realtors, developers and the swimming pool industry would bury them in ridicule and opponent campaign donations. Demonize an inanimate object? Why, swimming pools are part of the Florida culture!

Parental responsibility for safety, private property rights, the ridiculousness of demonizing inanimate objects, part of the Florida culture. Good reasons for anti-liberty communists in our state to be as silent about firearms as they are about the danger of swimming pools. As far as we know now, this bill has drowned in silence. Good. Do not resuscitate