I Need You To Work For Me For Zero Wages…..or else!

Hear me out. This is really a great offer.

First, it’s only a part time position. So it’s not like I need you there forty hours weekly. I know you have work somewhere else for pay, so I am willing to put up with you on a part time basis.  You should know that I will make money from your work. You will not get a penny of it.  At some point, I might allow you to have a small amount of the money I keep for which your worked. But I will need to think about that, and IF I do, I may have to find an alternative to have you pay me for this allowance I am making to you.

This is the core of federal tax reform discussions. It is called reform because the word is meant to infer a kinder, gentler confiscation of your income.

Of course, this is NOT “reform.” This is theater. Your congressman knows it. He or she is counting on you not to know it. Even the so-called House “Liberty Caucus” plays along. As ridiculous as my part time work offer is, it’s exactly the scam perpetrated by the federal income tax act.

Why is everyone content to be saddled with a huge mistake made by a previous generation in 1913? We have been snookered and assaulted for 104 years by the “income tax code” and its terrorist collection agency, the IRS. Where is the outcry? Millions of Americans have lost their collective minds over grown men who play children’s games not standing for an anthem,yet do nothing to free themselves from bondage.

You do realize that an income tax would be anathema to the founders in the 18th century, and that we are in effect, ALL OF US, yoked into fractional slavery?

Yes, that’s right, fractional slavery. How many days do you work just to stay out of federal prison? Would you work that many days and give those wages to me? Of course not! I didn’t work for it, you did. Your congressman and his pals aren’t working for it either. The millions of workers who feed off of Leviathan’s teat aren’t really working for it either. They’re parasites in agencies created with no constitutional authority.

Congress screws up every damn thing they touch from idiotic foreign policy that kills and maims our young people just to appease government psychopaths who want to run the world; to buying votes buying votes for any one of the social justice victim caucuses in the House. You do without so they can do what they want.

Imagine if I came to your house on payday and said, “Here is the amount of your money I am going to allow you to keep.” You’d throw my ass out right after breaking a chair over my head, and rightly so.

It’s no different with this “reform” talk. The psychopaths are simply discussing how much of what you broke your ass for (not them) they will allow you to keep. In effect, to what degree you will be maintained as a fractional slave.

“Oh, but I get some back at the end of the year!” BS. You gave these jamokes an interest free loan for their extortion!

Look, you don’t PAY taxes. They TAKE taxes. Its’ extortion. It’s taken at gunpoint.

It isn’t the price we pay to live in a civilized society. If we wanted to pay the price to live in a civilized society we would all be loving our fellow man as we love ourselves and would not need government at all.

Don’t be fooled by the reform nonsense. The only real reform isn’t a flat tax or the fair tax. It’s no tax. You want an economic boom for all Americans? Repeal the 16th Amendment that a previous generation was stupid enough to pass. It’s long past overdue.

The Florida Legislature, with its currently strong anti-tax position, should be leading the states in the movement to repeal the 16th Amendment. They won’t take that stance until we do and force them into it. After all, they are no less enslaved then the rest of us.